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The vast majority of call and put contracts expire worthless.  Who do you suppose is the usual winner in these trades?  Is it you, the retail investor?  Or might it be the large financial institutions who hire PhDs to run super-computers, and who have superior market access with vast liquidity and resources?

Option Expiration

Price Magnets

Leveling The Playing Field

We developed this program as a trading indicator in 2017, and began offering a daily report in February 2018.  Since then, we have written several public articles about our trading positions into option expiration.  We profitably traded SPX option expiration five months in a row following the launch of the program.  Is that worth $1 per trading day?

Our proprietary program calculates the price level that option delta and option gamma are neutral, and reports the price levels where we could see buying or selling pressure based upon the options positioning of the large traders.   You don't have to understand options or option greeks to make use of the report.  Here is an example of a summary table.

 The Op-ex Price Magnet is the price where option delta and gamma are neutral. 

This is where the big traders maximize profits on or before option expiration day.  

If you want to navigate market volatility,

you should track the wake of the large traders who profit from it. 

​​It is not uncommon for investment bank trading desks to go entire quarters without losing money  There are many ways that the large traders legally arbitrage the financial markets, enabling them to book vast profits on a very consistent basis.​  Large traders hedge their investments by building delta- and gamma-neutral portfolios.  As a result, each option expiration day becomes a TIMESTAMP for the large traders to maximize profit and purge risk.