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We use the Price Magnet information as a tool in our portfolio investment strategy.  It is our goal and intention to earn a minimum 25% annual return in any market environment.  To accomplish this, we invest in a diversified portfolio of the commodities that we cover in the Price Magnet report.  We also do fundamental research and analysis on several energy and commodity companies, and we have had an over 80% success rate in these firms.

Since launching the Commodity Conquest service in June 2017, we have recorded a total win rate of over 66% with an average return of 2.9% on an average holding period of 12 days.   The summary of our public (and verifiable) completed trades is included in the table below.  

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A subscription includes a daily pre-market report of the Price magnets for:

  1. The Standard & Poors 500 Index (SPX)
  2. VIX Futures
  3. Gold Futures
  4. WTI Crude Oil
  5. NYMEX Natural Gas
  6. 10-Year U.S. Treasuries
  7. EURUSD Futures
  8. Corn Futures
  9. Soybean Futures
  10. Wheat Futures
  11. The QQQ, IWM and XOP ETFs​

Each graph includes historical charts of the ten futures listed above, which shows the periodic convergence of futures price towards the Price Magnet on or prior to the option expiration date.  Here is a sample of four of these graphs.

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Leveling The Playing Field

What happens after you subscribe?

You will receive e-mails from our distribution partner SendOwl, which will contain your order information, receipt, and master link for your downloads.  Save or bookmark this link to access your reports!  Reports are published the morning of each trading day for closing or settlement values for the previous trading day.  The Price Magnets for Monday's settlement values will be published on Tuesday, and the Price Magnets for Friday's settlement values will be published over the weekend or Monday morning.

You should receive e-mail notification from SendOwl each day after the reports are ready for download (check your spam folder if you don't receive the e-mail).  The reports will be available for up to two weeks after they are generated.